Rules & Policies


Basic guidelines

  • Maintaining the mansion premises hygienic.
  • Do NOT put food wastes inside the lodging.
  • Do not Damage or destroy mansion’s properties.
  • Please do not cause any inconvenience to other inmates.
  • Consumption of alcohol in Mansion premises is strictly prohibited.
  • Playing Cards, Gambling, and betting within the premises is strictly prohibited.
  • Outsiders are not permitted inside the room and only allowed in the visitor’s hall.
  • All the things which are provided to be handled with care and to be returned in the same condition

Our Policies

  • Providing your Photo, ID Proof and Contact details with the Application form is mandatory.
  • Vacate information must be given on or one month prior.
  • You need to deposit your monthly rent before 7th of every month.
  • In the case of late payment, a penalty of Rs. 100 per day is applicable and will be deducted from your caution money.